so the last sable experiment was sort of a disaster. for one, the cookies expanded way too much, and two, i’m pretty sure it was over baked even though i do prefer my cookies to be on the crunchier side. for the second experiment, i actually went and got good butter and decided to just machine the recipe instead of doing the by-hand thing. definitely faster but not as fun. i’m continuing with black sesame on this batch but also did a second batch with red bean paste that’s still in the fridge and will be baked tomorrow…

lots of delicious butter taste but definitely need more black sesame. next time…powder AND paste?!

sable #1

sable cookies experiment #1.

the recipe is adopted from poilâne via dorie greenspan. i visited poilâne in paris in 2004 for some delicious bread and was unaware of its famous sable cookies. made correctly, sable cookies are sandy and crispy. made incorrectly, well, neither. since it’s an experiment, i typically start with the original recipe and depending on the outcome, make adjustments accordingly. so for experiment #1, i decided to make black sesame sable cookies.

instead of using a machine, i’ve decided to use poilâne’s technique—no machine. why? well, i learned somewhat of a similar technique at my stint of an internship making puff pastry. so while i’m sure it took twice the time, i do enjoy the process of feeling the dough coming together with my hands. using poilâne’s technique, you: 1) make an outer wheel with your dry ingredients (flour, salt, black sesame powder); 2) make an inner wheel of sugars (granulated and powder); and 3) inside the wheels, “wet” ingredients (butter, egg yolk).

using your fingers, combine the butter and egg yolk, then circle the inside edge of the wheel continuously until it’s all combined but don’t over mix. then form the dough into your desired log/square/shape, and refrigerate it until time to bake. this dough can be kept up to 3 weeks in the freezer to provide endless on-call cookie pleasure.

mine was kept in the freezer for a few days before baking. end result?! hm. the cookies expanded more than i had anticipated. i found the recipe too sweet and definitely needs more black sesame flavor. it was somewhat sandy and definitely crumbly. recipe adjustments have been made so ’til next time.