brioche time! when i did brioche in class (did i mention that i took a part-time course at the french culinary institute in nyc?! well, i did, and it was awesome) the chef made chocolate pastry cream rolls with extra dough. so…why limit myself to chocolate pastry cream when i have taro and red bean pastes? that’s exactly what i did…great for breakfast!

i have to say that i’m not too happy with this recipe though. pastry cream and flavor pastes are good. but for some reason, the amount of salt in the recipe surprised me so i cut it down a bit, but i could still taste salt in the end product. i guess that means more brioche this week…

leap day baking!

more puff pastry…just can’t get enough of them! and practice makes perfect.

i revamped my kouign-amann recipes, wrapped more ppbs and this time with red bean as well as taro, and made mille-feuille in black sesame, red bean, and taro flavors. i also made more brown butter cakes to bring to a friend tomorrow since i had extra batter left from a few days ago.

for the black sesame mille-feuille, i decided to do somewhat of an asian version with a cake layer in the middle. i think i may like the different textures of crunch and sponge, instead of just the crunch…hm. but black sesame pastry cream is delicious.

for the red bean and taro mille-feuille, i just did it original-style (mainly because i got lazy about making red bean and taro sponge cakes). i slightly mixed the pastes with pastry cream and while you can’t see it, the sides are the flavored pastes and the middle is regular-vanilla pastry cream.

ppb…red bean.

and kouign-amann experiment #2. this time around i decided to envelope it and i think it turned out better. i was afraid that they wouldn’t stay enclosed and thank goodness they did. but i can’t believe it’s still slightly under baked in the middle (doesn’t taste under baked though)! so what…over bake the outside next time or do i need a convection oven?! need to think about it some more. i recently saw a video of dominique ansel making his version of kouign-amann that is more bread-like than puff-pastry like (must try next time in nyc…hopefully soon), which is not how i learned it but i think i’ll need to go find live yeast soon…

brown butter cakes…more flavors!

saturday night can be very productive in my pjs, listening to my favorite new track, and an empty house.

last night, i made red bean paste as part of my already-made paste collection of green tea and taro. with pastes in hand, i decided to expand my brown butter cake flavors and make batters to bake the next day.

red bean, green tea, taro

i’m quite happy with taro—just enough flavor. green tea is always tough since i opted to not just use green tea powder as an ingredient but actually a paste; must find the right amount of sweetness (maybe brown sugar?!) to offset the slight bitterness of green tea. as for red bean, just a tad more flavor would be perfect!